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50mg Hydrafinil

More wakefulness than Modafinil without the jitters or anxiety.  Hydrafinil feels just a like a great night’s sleep.

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Over the counter

Hydrafinil is available to buy online without a prescription.  Unlike Modafinil which can only be prescribed by doctors, Hydrafinil is legal in most parts of the world, including the US and EU.


More Powerful Than Modafinil

Found by the creators of Modafinil, Cephalon, to be 39% stronger, Hydrafinil (aka 9-Fluorenol) is more potent at lower doses with fewer side-effects.


Fewer Side Effects

Hydrafinil (aka 9-Fluorenol) is less addictive and a better mood enhancer compared to Modafinil due to lower dopaminergic activity and a higher 5HT-6 serotonin affinity.


Bulk Pricing Available

For those who rely on Hydrafinil consistently for enhanced productivity or to perform at high levels in situations like night shifts, we offer discounts of up to 30% with larger orders.  Buy three and save 12.5%, or contact us for bulk pricing.

Enhance Yourself

Stay vigilant and focused longer with Hydrafinil (aka 9-Fluorenol).

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