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Buy hydrafinil 9-fluorenol from NHNC


Stronger than Modafinil with fewer side-effects, and legal in most countries, Hydrafinil is the wakefulness supplement of the future.

Capsules and Powder

Due to popular demand we now offer Hydrafinil in both capsules and powder with prices starting from just $6.50 per gram.  Hydrafinil feels like a great night’s sleep – more powerful than Modafinil without the jitters or anxiety.

  • Hydrafinil Capsules from NHNC - 9-Fluorenol 50mg pills
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    Hydrafinil Capsules

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  • Hydrafinil Powder (9-Fluorenol) Lab Grade - NHNC
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    Hydrafinil Powder

    Rated 5.00 out of 5


Bulk Pricing Available

For those who rely on Hydrafinil consistently for enhanced productivity or to perform at high levels in situations like night shifts, we offer discounts of up to 30% with larger orders.  Buy three and save 12.5%, or contact us for bulk pricing.